Jun 18, 2022

Less fuel than what you pay for at 75% of filling stations Featured

It has been reported that certain filling stations are leaving out 20 ml per litre - thus depriving consumers of receiving their money's worth.

A senior official stated that even though the pump monitor shows the correct amount, the actual amount pumped in to the vehicle is less. Such incidents have been reported since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, though an official has been appointed under the CEYPETCO provincial manager to look in to this matter, it is yet to be resolved. This is also despite the Measurements department having its own Vice squad as well. 

However, earlier due to the fear of contracting Covid and now due to the endless queues at filling stations, investigations are not taking place. 

Sources state that of the nearly 1200 CEYPETCO filling stations, at least 75% are of this nature. 

At present, the provincial management is only engaged in monitoring the supply of fuel to the filling stations.