Jun 22, 2022

Came to parliament as there is an issue in the country - Dhammika Perera

Prior to being sworn in as a Member of Parliament, Dhammika Perera had submitted his declaration of assets and liabilities and tax clearance reports to the Speaker.

Dhammika Perera made this statement while speaking to the media outside Parliament.

"I came here to serve the country. Prior to taking oaths in parliament, I handed over my assets and liabilities declaration to the Speaker. I also handed over my tax clearance certificate to the Speaker. I hope a change will take place from there. I came to parliament because there is a problem in the country and now my task is to find a solution to this crisis. I am confident I can do that and emerge victorious. I hope I am given a good ministry. But whatever ministry is given to me I will do my best because I came here to take on that responsibility and serve the country. It is good to come in when there are challenges. Even a river is most attractive when it flows rapidly.”