Jun 23, 2022

PM appeals not to insult Hirunika Featured

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe made an appeal to the social media activists and users not to publish photos of Hirunka Premachandra who is a mother of three, causing insult to her.

He said motherhood should not be insulted in a decent society.

The Premier said the concept of motherhood should be respected before everything else.

He said this responding to insulting photos shared on social media, which were taken while Premachandra was participating in a protest outside the Prime Minister's private residence yesterday.

He further said that she had come to his residence over a political matter and that it should be dealt with an ideology connected to that. "No one should act so as to insult her motherhood," he had said.

I am proud of my breasts - Hirunika

SJB MP Hirunika Premachandra yesterday (22) engaged in a protest demonstration in front of the PM's home and derogatory posts were made by netizens after photos appeared of the incident with Ms. Premachandra's breasts exposed during a confrontation with the police.

Responding to these, Hirunika has said the following in a Facebook post:

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