Jun 25, 2022

Bar owners file case against Excise Officials’ assets!

The Licensed Liquor Dealers Association has decided to file a case demanding an inspection of the assets of the top officials of the Excise Department, it is reported.

Chairman of the association Ajith Udugama said that the government loses around Rs. 400 million a day due to the actions of top officials.

He also noted that some officials are dual citizens.

However, the COPE Committee also revealed that the overall demand for alcohol, including beer and arrack, has fallen by about 30% recently due to declining public incomes.

Excise officials have pointed out that the increase in the price of liquor is due to the increase in costs and the increase in taxes on liquor.

As a result, the Department of Excise is of the view that the alcohol consumers will turn to illegally produced liquor which is bound to have a detrimental effect on the excise revenue as well as the legal liquor industry.