Jun 25, 2022

New law impacting 36 million women!

The Supreme Court of the United States has decided to change a 50-year-old case that gave American women the constitutional right to have an abortion, according to foreign media reports.

Under the new law, abortion will be banned in half of the U.S. states, and American women will no longer have the right to abortion.

Under the new law, the government of any state in the United States that wishes to ban abortion is free to make that decision.

 According to foreign media reports, 13 states have already taken steps to ban abortion.

According to the new law, 36 million American women will be affected.

US President Joe Biden has called the Supreme Court ruling a "grave mistake."

Biden expressed belief that the court decision had deprived women of their human rights.

Meanwhile, protests have begun across the United States against the ruling.