Jun 25, 2022

Maharagama filling station owner distributes free fuel!

The Highway Enterprises petrol station located near the SLTB depot on the Dehiwala Road in Maharagama today (25) distributed free kerosene to the public.

The owner of the gas station, M. D. Perera has told the media that this decision was taken with the intention of providing some relief to the suffering people.

 It is reported that a large crowd had gathered near the petrol station to obtain kerosene.

 Meanwhile, a woman and a child were there to obtain kerosene and the child had suddenly collapsed due to a sudden illness.

 The child’s mother said that the child was ill, but she had brought the child to obtain kerosene.

 Meanwhile, the owner of the Urugala Ceypetco petrol station in Ingiriya had also provided food to the people waiting in line for fuel both day and night.

 Its owner Kelum Prasanna told the media that he had taken this decision to provide food to the people standing in queues having understood their difficulties.