Jun 27, 2022

3 women go missing at fuel queues

Three women who were at fuel queues have gone missing, police say.

It has become a common sight to see women at fuel queues in the daytime as well as the night time.

Police say that the missing women had joined petrol queues to obtain petrol and their motorbikes were found at the queues.

Meanwhile, a woman who was waiting in a fuel queue at night in Chilaw has been assaulted by her husband after spending several hours with another youth.

The woman had tactfully taken her husband's place at the fuel queue and sent him home. However, when the husband had returned to the queue, his wife had not been there.

It was later learnt that she had gone somewhere else with another young man who was at the fuel queue.

The enraged husband had broken into the place where the duo was said to be staying and assaulted his wife before returning home empty handed without fuel.