Jun 27, 2022

Lankans going to Dubai for jobs, helpless & unemployed Featured

The media has reported that a large number of young people who had gone to the United Arab Emirates on tourist visas in search of employment, are languishing for months due to the non availability of jobs.

A large number of youth have opted to seek overseas employment in the wake of the prevalent severe economic and political crisis in the country and many assume that UAE is the easiest place to find employment.

However, many seeking jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Pujara have been left stranded after being unable to find work.

Fake employment agencies have charged nearly Rs. 400,000 and sent young people to various regions in the UAE on tourist visas, but they have been stranded on the streets for months without work.

It is said that many bogus employment agencies have used the names of some of the best companies in UAE to extort money from young people by claiming that there are job vacancies that can earn between AED 4000-5000 (LKR 390,000 - 490,000).

(Source - Aruna)