May 07, 2017

Response to article alleging conspiracy by AG’s Dept. official

Sri Lanka Mirror has received a response to the article it published earlier today (07) under the title ‘AG’s Dept. official conspires against state?.’

In the response, attorney-at-law Sumathi Dharmawardena, president of the Sri Lanka-China Buddhist Friendship Association and an officer serving in the AG’s Dept, says it appears the said article refers to him, and says he never initiated or authored the email/document and vehemently denies the contents thereof.

“Please be informed that Sri Lanka-China Buddhist Friendship Association (SLCBFA) has not discussed any arrangements made by the Government of Sri Lanka with regard to upcoming Vesak festival. Moreover, SLCBFA or I have not written any email/ letter to Ms. Geo Wei or the Government of China,” he says.

He also says, “Your news item also states that I am an activist of 'Viyath Maga' Organization and have been supplying information. I am shocked to read this information and strongly deny the same.”

He adds, “I wish to inform you that I am an office bearer of a similar Association; in which have unearthed certain irregularities which had led to an audit inquiry. Perpetrators of said fraud have commenced a mudslinging campaign against me. I have no doubt that said purported document is yet another mudslinging document.”


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AG’s Dept. official conspires against state?