Jul 01, 2022

Railway workers on strike: tensions arise at Fort Station!

The Railway employees have commenced a strike with immediate effect.

This has been initiated by many railway unions.

It was reported that train engine drivers and train controllers are also joining the strike.

Meanwhile, due to the inability of railway employees to report for duty as a result of the fuel shortage and lack of transport facilities, train delays and cancellations are taking place at present. As a result, the people who came to stations are protesting at the Colombo Fort Railway Station today (01), according to the Station Masters’ Association.

They also said that none of the administrative officers have come to the Colombo Fort Railway Station to bring the situation under control.

When union action was taken, the Railway Department was gazetted as an essential service, the Railway Department, which currently serves as the main link of public transport in the country, has not been designated as an essential service. As a result, the relevant railway employees have not been given priority to obtain fuel to report for duty.

As a result, the train controllers have not been able to report for duty and several trains had to be cancelled and some trains were delayed. Hence, the Station Masters Association has taken steps to remove the station masters on duty at the Colombo Fort Railway Station temporarily.