3-yr old girl from Kotagala sets int’l record (Pics)



Sentul Kumar Bhavishana, a three-year-old girl from Kotagala, Hatton has set an international record.

Sentul Kumar, the girl’s father, said the daughter looked at the photos of 40 world leaders and named them in one minute and six seconds.

On April 6, the girl participated online to set the record in the International Book of Records, which operates from India.

Accordingly, she looked at the photos of world leaders online and named them in one minutes and six seconds.

The girl’s father said they have received the certificate and medal for setting the record by the organisers of the International Book of Records.

This record was set by the family’s eldest daughter. The family resides in Drayton Estate, Kotagala.

Mr. Kumar works at the Kotagala Post Office and his wife is a teacher.

Meanwhile, the members of the Kotagala Traders Association including President Vishwanath Pushpa had felicitated the girl.


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