Jul 02, 2022

Bhikkhu organizations prepare to surround Colombo

The Bhikku Organizations have sent a letter to President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa asking him to leave his position by July 7 without pushing the country further into a state of anarchy.

They have warned the president that if he fails to step down by then, they will gather all monks to Colombo and engage in a massive struggle after the 07th.

The letter has also indicated that this step is taken because the government failed to respond positively or heed the request made by the Chief Prelates of the three chapters.

In their letter the Bhikkhu organizations charge that by disregarding the request made by the Chief Prelates the president has proved that the promises made at the Sacred shrines of Ruwan Weli Seya and Sri Maha Bodhiya to serve the people were nothing but lies to deceit the public.

They also point out that the Buddhist clergy and the 6.9 million public supported the president to come into power with great hope, but added that currently they no longer have an iota of faith in the president.

The Bhikkhu organizations have also noted that they had made the request seeking the resignation of the president as it is their duty to come forward to safeguard the country at a time of turmoil.

The letter has been sent under the signatures of 11 monks including the Ven. Ulapane Sumangala Thera, Kobeigane Vijitha Thera and Mathurata Dhammalankara Thera.