Jul 02, 2022

DMT head involved in Tender racket!

It is reported that a senior official of the Motor Traffic Department's (DMT) Driving License Printing Division has obtained a contract to supply 200 computers by submitting fake business certificates.

Sources state that this information has been revealed during an investigation based on a complaint received by the Motor Traffic Department's Head Office Audit Division and that the accused officer also holds a high position in the Sri Lanka Army.

The relevant senior military officer has reportedly submitted a registered company in his wife’s name and obtained the tender for importing computers while one computer has been supplied at a price of over Rs. 200,000.

During the audit it had been revealed that this computer had been bought at a higher price through an unregistered company.

While the printing of driving licenses was handed over to the Sri Lanka Army due to various irregularities being reported when the licenses were being printed at the Werahera Motor Traffic Department, these irregularities are still taking place even under the Army.