Jul 29, 2022

'SF's dates for Aragalaya, an extension of govt. conspiracies' Featured

Attempts to suppress the public voice using military might and media operations will only drag the motherland towards a darker era, warns the collective - 'Sarva Pakshika Aragalakaruwo'.

They had said this in a statement issued today (29).

Therefore, authorities should direct their attention to the true objectives of the struggle instead of suppressing it, they add in a statement.

As the 'Sarva Pakshika Aragalakaruwo', we will actively take all measures to defeat such attempts to suppress and to seek necessary legal action, the statement notes.

They add that the declaration of dates by Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka is merely another extension of 'government conspiracies' and that clearly puts the protestors in danger.

The full Sinhala statement is as follows :