Jul 30, 2022

No salary for ministers ; allowances cut for political appointees

President Ranil Wickramasinghe has reportedly decided not to give the Minister's salary to the Cabinet and State Ministers of the future all-party government.

They are to receive only the Parliamentary Member allowance only.

It is said that this decision is to be passed as a Cabinet decision after the formation of the all-party government.

Government sources state that Cabinet and State Ministers will also be entitled to a single official vehicle.

Earlier, President Ranil Wickramasinghe had stated that the ministers of the current interim cabinet too, will receive only the Member allowance for a period of one year.

The future all party government's Cabinet is to be limited to 30 portfolios while the number of state minister portfolios are to be increased to 40.

Several members of Samagi Jana Balawega (SJB) as well as minority party leaders are to receive ministerial positions.

Meanwhile, it is reported that fuel and phone allowances of all political appointees in the all-party government, will be slashed.

It is proposed that they will receive only a stipend for their tasks and to suspend the provision of chauffeured cars.

According to reports, a massive chunk of state funds have been spent on political appointees in the recent past.

Meanwhile, it is also said that cars given to personal staff members of former ministers, are yet to be returned as well.

Reports say that the opposition is to propose auctioning old vehicles and unusable debri at ministries to accumulate funds for the respective ministries.

It is reported that the ministry with the biggest fleet of old vehicles is the Ministry of Finance, with the Ministry of Highways and the President's Office following close behind.