Jul 31, 2022

Prostitution grows by 30%

With Sri Lanka facing an economic crisis, women are facing severe difficulties, and they are turning to sex work for a living, Indian media had reported.

India's ANI news agency points out that 22 million people in Sri Lanka are facing enormous hardship and poverty in the face of an unprecedented economic crisis.

They pointed out that many Sri Lankans are struggling daily to get food and essentials, and that it has become difficult to maintain their daily activities at home, and most of the women have lost their jobs in the garment sector.

In the face of this dangerous situation, temporary brothels have sprung up and there is a tendency for women to resort to prostitution, a group working for sexual rights known as Standup Movement Lanka had told the Indian News Service.

They point out that there had been a 30% rise in the prostitution trade over the past month. 

It further reported that with the loss of jobs due to the economic crisis, women have been tempted to work in spas and wellness centers to earn income as sex workers.