Aug 07, 2022

SIS behind the ousting of Rajapaksa brothers? Featured

Government MPs have informed the Minister of Public Security - Tiran Alles that there are suspicions that the intelligence services including the State Intelligence Service had a hand in the ousting of former President and PM - Gotabaya and Mahinda Rajapaka.

Minister Alles has held a special meeting to brief government MPs on the public security situation.

MPs had pointed out that intelligence units had informed that a 15,000 strong crowd was planning to arrive in Colombo on July 09 to oust the President. 

Although the crowd that actually arrived was much bigger than that, intelligence reports presented to the security council were not heeded to, they had claimed.

Although the minister had tried to explain, the MPs had been adamant that an investigation must be held in this regard.

Reports say that a conflict of opinion had taken place between MP Chamal Rajapaksa and the minister at the meeting.

Reports add that the MPs have emphasized they will definitely take up the matter at the next ruling party MP group meeting.

The MPs have also asked the Minister of Public Security to remove the Inspector General of Police and reorganize the intelligence units.

(Source - Aruna)