May 15, 2017

Civil society organizations refute ‘Divaina’a article (audio) Featured

Civil society organizations that contributed towards the formation of the present government continue to support it, says convener of the National Movement for a Just Society Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya, stressing that there is no change to that decision.

He is commenting to Sri Lanka Mirror with regard to an article in today’s (15) Divaina which says 49 civil society organizations are to decide today on their support for the government.

The organizations will meet at the head office of the Movement at Pitakotte to consider their decision after the government’s failure to fulfill its promises to abolish the executive presidency, punish the corrupt, create a corruption free administration and to establish democracy, it said.

Prof. Wijesuriya said the newspaper article was a fake that had been planned and published with a purpose.

Ideas against good-governance

Convener of Citizens’ Power Gamini Viyangoda said they were yet to consider a change in their stand to support the government.

He said that if Citizens’ Power was one of the 49 organizations mentioned in the article, he was not aware of such a meeting.

Viyangoda said they had criticisms against the government, but that they would not hasten to consider their stand to support the government.

He said that the article could be a customary falsehood of the media loyal to Mahinda Rajapaksa to take wrong ideas that are against good-governance.