Aug 11, 2022

5 tonnes of plastic dumped by 'Paada Yaathra' devotees in Kumana

Kumana National Park authorities say that 05 tonnes of trash including plastic and polythene were collected after the park was opened for devotees who had participated in this year's 'Paada Yaathra'.

The 'Paada Yaathra' is an annual event where devotees reach the holy area of Katharagama after completing a multiple day pilgrimage on foot, in time for the Kataragama festival.

The devotees' path cuts across an 18-km distance through the Kumana National Park and officials say that the trash was collected along the path after the park was opened for 15 days for the pilgrimage to take place.

The park warden said that trash was collected for 03 days by wildlife officials and around  200 army personnel.