May 16, 2017

UNP to revolt against cabinet reshuffle Featured

Galle District MP - Bandula Lal Bandarigoda says that the UNP backbenchers are prepared to revolt if a cabinet reshuffle sans a the public mandate will take place.

He was speaking during a meeting yesterday (15) in the Southern region.

“Our victory on Jan. 08 was an extremely decisive one. We were able to attain this victory due to the sacrifices made by the public while undergoing much hardships. Our leaders too, took a huge risk. Our party leadership sacrificed his own candidacy to bring forward the common candidate. He faced much criticism because of this…”

Bankrupt individuals

On Jan. 08, Mr. Maithripala Sirisena was led to victory not to make the government dance to the tunes of bankrupt individuals’ wants. If anyone thinks so, they had better get over such anticipations. The public does not have such such notions, he added.

So, if the minority who lost is now attempting to go against the public mandate by leading the President astray… to hold a cabinet reshuffle… we, as backbenchers are prepared to join bands and face this conspiracy. Therefore, we urge all parties to respect the public mandate, he further said.

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