May 16, 2017

Vidya murder : protests continue (Video) Featured

A sit-in protest and a petition has been initiated, citing of an attempt to transfer the court case of the Sivaloganathan Vidya murder case, to Colombo.

The sit-in protest in front of Vidya’s school was initiated from May 15 by civil organisations after a protest lasting for days.

Scenes of the sit-in protest are as follows :

They say that the aggrieved party would face injustice after the case is taken up before a Sinhalese panel of judges. Noting that the measure would violate the language rights of the aggrieved party, the protesters have handed over a letter to the Chief Justice, calling to take up the case Jaffna before a panel of Tamil speaking judges.

We also believe that the continuing transfer of cases to Colombo from the North-East regions would spur a belief that the courts and judges of the Southern region are more superior, they add.

18-year old Vidya Sivaloganathan of Pungudutivu was abducted, gang raped and murdered while returning from Pungudathivu Vidyalaya in 2015. The murder sparked mass social outrage and 09 suspects were arrested and remanded in connection with the crime.

Last Wednesday, the nine suspects of the case were further remanded for three months by the Jaffna High Court.

Jaffna High Court Judge M. Ilanjalian ordered the Criminal Investigations Department to expedite the genetic investigation reports connected to the incident, and cooperate with the investigation.

On May 04, the Attorney General ordered Kayts Police to file indictments in Jaffna High Court against the 10 suspects. Furthermore, The Attorney General has ordered a panel of 3 member High Court Judges to examine this case as an emergency trial.

(Video : Radio Gagana)

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