May 16, 2017

Major cabinet reshuffle : Relief for the corrupt! Featured

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has consented to hold a major cabinet reshuffle soon, sources from the Presidential secretariat say.

A powerful UNP minister who had joined the PM on his tour to China has informed of this to the president via a phone call.

The president initially expected changes to be made only with regard to several ministers who were severely criticised through the media.

However, considering the fact that these ministers would become politically destitute if they are marked as 'corrupt' within the society, the president has agreed to a complete reshuffle, reports say.

A group of powerful UNP ministers have also met with the president and explained to him the need for a complete reshuffle.

Accordingly, the cabinet reshuffle initially planned by the president, is to be held soon with the consent of the PM and is to be touted as a reshuffle made to enhance the efficiency of the good governance government.


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