Aug 20, 2022

Passengers confront Bandula on bus (Video)

Minister Bandula Gunawardena faced criticism from passengers aboard a bus yesterday (19), who asked him not to put 'a show' by inconveniencing the passengers.

A pilot project was launched by the National Transport Commission (NTC) for an Electronic Card to replace bus tickets under the "E-ticketing concept".

The relevant pilot project was carried out in buses traveling from the Makumbura Multimodal Center in Kottawa to Galle along the Southern Expressway, and the Minister of Transport also participated at the launch of this pilot project, by getting aboard a bus.

A group including the minister boarded the bus, when the passengers protested strongly against the minister, as a senior couple had to get down from the bus to make space for the Minister and his entourage.

The passengers alleged that they were inconvenienced by the Minister's actions, as they too were in a haste to get to their destinations.

The officials in the Minister's entourage protested, saying that they got aboard the bus for the pilot project, which was implemented for the good of the people.

 (Video : VoiceTube)