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May 19, 2017

No life without love – Victor Featured

There is no life without love, and one’s becoming old will not change the need for love, says veteran musician Dr. Victor Ratnayake.

He made the remark to BBC Sinhala facebook during a visit to London to take part in a musical show.

Making comments to the media for the first time about his recent second marriage, Ratnayake said he did not know why most people could not understand the fact that the meaning of love was felt more at old age.

He went onto say that he was sorry to see mere imitation by the younger generation of musicians.

Ratnayake noted that he sang his own song at  his voice test for the radio, and strongly criticized them for not doing their own creations.

As long one sings others’ songs, he or she will remain a novice only, he added.


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