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May 19, 2017

SLFP will leave govt. if its policies are disregarded - Premajayantha Featured

Minister Susil Premajayantha says the SLFP will leave the government and function as the opposition in parliament if its policies continue to be disregarded any further when the government takes economic decisions.

The president has been informed of their decision and if no decisive change happens, the SLFP will not think twice of leaving and let the UNP to do the governing, ‘Ravaya’ quotes him as saying.

According to him, the big economic problem faced by the country today is due to the disregard by the decision-making group in the UNP of the SLFP policies.

If it wants to have its own way, the UNP should form a government, or if it wants a coalition, economic policies agreeable to both should be implemented, he says.

A much-talked about cabinet reshuffle is also due to the SLFP’s suggestion to change the portfolios of the ministers, including finance minister Ravi Karunanayake, who are decision-makers in the government.

The SLFP ministers are against the postponement of the cabinet reshuffle at the insistence of the UNP.

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