May 21, 2017

Operation to nab MP’s holding dual citizenship Featured

An operation has been launched by the Immigration and Emigration Department to nab politicians engaged in politics, holding dual citizenship, Controller of Immigration and Emigration Vajira Liyanage said

He said a team comprising ten officers have been appointed for this task, and they will engage in investigations over the weekend.

Liyanage said currently the Immigration Emigration ledgers are being scrutinised and the relevant names found in this ledger has to be manually entered onto the computer as only parts of certain names are in these ledgers since 2006 while the rest of the information is on the computers.

While the department’s data has been computerised since 1987, but in order to look for the real names of these politicians, the ledgers have to be inspected.

However, it is revealed that this process will be expedited as a report with regard to politicians engaging in politics holding dual citizenship has to be handed over to Minister S.B. Navinna soon.