May 22, 2017

A war hero begs on the streets Featured

A former member of the Army, who had been forced into begging on the streets of Matara town, has been relieved of his military certificates by a group of soldiers led by a brigadier, reports say.

chan2In a report by Daya Nettasinghe, ‘Sathhanda’ newspaper highlighted the plight of ex-Lance Corporal Muthumuni Sirimal Chandana.

He had joined the Army on 19 May 1995 amidst objections by his parents, relatives and friends.

While under training, Chandana has bruised his stomach, and despite that had to serve in operational areas during the war, including Vettilaikerni, Kilinochichi and Vishwamadu.

He got married in 2002 and is a father of three.chan5

While on duty, he became ill in 2014, with a symptom of passing blood with urine.

He was diagnosed of having a neurological ailment in the bladder as well as kidney trouble, and had to be operated on.

Following the surgery, he has become an invalid, cannot wear trousers, and has to carry a bag affixed to his bladder to urinate wherever he goes.

He is yet to receive any payment for the commitment he had made from 1995 to 2014.

Having no other mode of income, he had to beg on the streets of Matara in order to look after his family.

He is only given a Rs. 450 monthly allowance by the Social Services Department.