May 28, 2017

CID crackdown on sexual harassment through internet Featured

The CID is enforcing the law and arresting persons who commit sexual harassment through the internet.

Its unit investigating computer crime has been provided with modern communication equipment to expeditiously act on related complaints.

So far, many complaints have been received and suspects arrested.

Targets of the harassment

Following complaints by civil society activists, the CID unit is inquiring into private and obscene videos and pictures circulating in the internet, targeting mainly married women and schoolgirls to solicit bribes, sexual or monetary, or to insult them.

The 1927 act on obscene publications, as amended in 2005, prohibits the possession, circulation, production, importation or exportation of such publications.

The penal code provides for the arrest of suspects without a warrant and to hand a three month imprisonment or fined, or both.

If found guilty, a five year prison term and a compensation of several millions of rupees will be imposed.

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