May 31, 2017

PM’s social media head flees country to avoid police?

The social media head of prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has fled the country to avoid the police over a charge that he had threatened committee member of the professional web journalists association Vimukthi Dushantha, president of the association Freddie Gamage told Sri Lanka Mirror.

Gamage said he was told so by the OIC of Maharagama police when asked as to why the complaint against Thushara Wanniarachchi was still to be investigated 72 hours after it was lodged.

The OIC has told Gamage that when he telephoned the PM’s office to summon Wanniarachchi to the police, he was informed that he had gone overseas.

Wanniarachchi has made a posting in his facebook page between 6.00 pm and 6.20 pm today (31), saying that he was at the Bandaranaike Airport.

thusharaGamage said this confirmed the fact that the PM’s social media head has misled the police.

The president of the web journalists association said Wanniarachchi was a friend of his, but that the Rajapaksa regime was replaced by the present administration in order to put a stop to such lowly acts.

Gamage said he had nothing personal against Wannniarachchi, but that he disapproved of his having threatened Dushantha over a facebook posting that did not mention his name.

Wanniarachchi should tender a public apology to Dushantha, he added.

Noting that during a conversation between Dushantha and Wanniarachchchi, the latter has asked the former as if he was really a journalist, Gamage said he had two similar questions to ask from Wanniarachchi.

They are – Wanniarachchi, are you a journalist?, and secondly, where were you during the Rajapaksa regime?

Gamage said that even as the premier always talked about dissent and claimed that dissenting voices were allowed, his social media head was working against dissent.

Certain society activists attempt to belittle this incident, but the president of the professional web journalists association stressed that not only during the Rajapaksa regime, but also now, he and his association were against any act against media freedom.

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