Jun 04, 2017

Concerns continue over delay in setting up MPO Featured

The government continues putting off the setting up of the missing persons office, while parents of the missing in the north have been staging a sit-down protest for over 100 days now.

Ex-foreign minister Mangala Samaraweera has told the UNHRC that a MPO would be set up, a promise upon which the European Union has placed its trust to restore the GSP plus export concession to Sri Lanka.

The EU has welcomed this and other measures to establish democracy, but has expressed concern about a delay in implementing the same.

After the MPO bill was tabled in parliament, the process was postponed due to the JVP wanting to introduce amendments.

Experts on diplomacy say the government failure to introduce the amendments and speed up setting up the MPO, a promise it gave a year ago, will adversely impact on the country.

Head of the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission Dr. Deepika Udagama has told a recent meeting organized by the Working Journalists Association that she was finding it difficult to understand this uncalled for delay.

The government should have no justifiable excuse for putting off the formation of the MPO, she said.