Jun 05, 2017

2 gangsters responsible for south murders arrested Featured

Police have arrested two leading underworld members who had reportedly committed four murders in as many days last month.

Officers from the Peliyagoda crime division took Lasantha Premalal alias Kosgoda Rana and Sahan Silva, aka Meetiyagoda Raju, from a hotel in Ekala, Jaela.

A T-56 rifle, five bullets and a motorcycle were seized from them.

The suspects are being detained for 48 hours and under interrogation.

Among the killings they are responsible for is the gunning down of a man identified as Kosgoda Loku at Diyagoranduwa, Welipenna on May 08, police say.

The mastermind of these murders is said to be Kosgoda Suji, who is operating from a foreign country, due to his differences with Makandure Madhush, who is in hiding in Dubai.