Nov 05, 2016

Truth Commission early next year Featured

Based on the incidents that took place in the North and East during the war, the government has decided to establish the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission early next year, it is reported.

In September last year, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera promised the United Nations Human Rights Council that the government would establish a Truth Commission.

However, although the Truth Commission was to be set up in September but it was delayed.

It is said that this compassionate Commission will comprise of religious leaders representing all faiths and commissioners.

The establishment of the Truth commission will be done by the reconciliation secretariat, it is reported.

Nelson Mandela

The first such Truth Commission was set up in South Africa subsequent to the racial clashes, in a bit to promote reconciliation.

This truth commission investigated incidents that occurred between 1960 to 1994.

This commission was established by Nelson Mandela upon being elected President in 1995. This reconciliation mechanism has been hailed world over as the most successful reconciliation effort.