Nov 05, 2016

Power devolution: conspiracy to change the President’s willingness Featured

At a time when the current president and a majority of his party members are in favour of power devolution in an attempt to establish lasting peace and national reconciliation, a few persons attached to the Presidential Secretariat are conspiring to disrupt the process and as such there are signs of the Interim Report of the Constitution Committee being delayed.

According to information received, the reason for this is that the said group has begun to pressure the committee to revise the report put together by the six special sub-committees appointed to assist the constitution committee on ‘the connection between the centre and the peripheries’.

The opposing party claims that the reason they want the report revised is because the sub committees have exceeded the limitations of stipulated boundaries of power devolution in their report.

Pledge by the President

These parties believe that apart from the recommendations by the sub-committees with regard to ‘electoral systems’ all other recommendations are surpassing the given specifications and as such would require revision.

It is also reported that these parties have criticised the SLFP representatives of the relevant committees and pointed out that the majority of the SLFP vote base is the Majority Sinhala population and they would not allow this to be jeopardised.

When we contacted a prominent government figure regarding this situation he said the President is not just in favour of power devolution but he has also given a pledge that he would accept the decision of the Constituent Board and he sure the president disregards anyone trying to discredit him due to racial intolerance.

He further stated that the interim report and reports of the six sub-committees are in the process of being translated into all three languages and once the translations are completed the president would convene a Constituent Board meeting and present the Interim Report of the Constitution Committee.

These measures are due to take place by last two weeks of November and said thereafter there would not be any room for racists within the government and the SLFP.