Nov 06, 2016

Extensive powers recommended for PCs Featured

A subcommittee has recommended extensive powers to provincial councils through the new constitution.

Headed by MP Jayampathy Wickramaratne, this panel has submitted recommendations on power sharing between the centre and the PCs.

Full land, police and finance powers should be given to the PCs, while curtailing the president’s powers to dissolve PCs, it says.

Its recommendations include:

Segregating the provincial police commission from the centre and the chief minister empowered to appoint members to the commission.

Removal of the centre’s powers to formulate national policies.

Establishment of a constitutional court, annulling the supreme court’s powers, to issue rulings on power sharing disputes between the centre and the PCs.
PCs to be given powers on finance and to collect taxes.

The provincial public services commission and the district and divisional secretaries brought under the CM’s purview.

Approval of the CM in the appointment of the governor.

With the curtailment of presidential powers, a ruling by the constitutional court is needed to dissolve a PC if it is found to have abused its powers.

Acceptance of the people’s supremacy under the centre, PCs and regions.