Jun 20, 2017

President, justice minister condemned over anti-Christian attacks (video) Featured

Religious and civil society organizations and leftist leaders denounce the crackdown by the topmost government authority against those who raise a voice against racist attacks against Muslims and Christians, instead of arresting the attackers, according to

Issuing a statement with regard to remarks made by the president, justice minister and the Colombo archbishop against lawyer Lakshan Dias, the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka requests the government to ensure safety of the religious minorities.

The NCEASL extends its fullest support to Dias, who has quoted its information to claim during a television programme that more than 190 anti-Christian attacks had taken place since Maithripala Sirisena became the president.


‘Charges intended to create unrest’

The president said at a school prize giving in Kandy that he had inquired from Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith and was told that no such attacks had taken place.

Those charges were intended at creating unrest in the country, said the president.

The president’s having made inquiries from the archbishop has been condemned as one made without having sensitivity to divisions in Christianity.

Echoing the president’s allegation, justice minister Wijedasa Rajapakshe warned that Dias would be dis-barred.

The Centre for Policy Alternatives requests the minister to expand his information sources and to refrain from threatening human rights activists that was a bad habit continuing from the previous regime.

The CPA asks the government to ensure safety of the lawyer Dias.

‘Uneducated fools’

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‘An act like crucifying Jesus Christ by accepting Jewish priests’ accusations’

NSSP leader Vikramabahu Karunaratne says the president and the justice minister have behaved liked ‘uneducated fools’, and criticizes the former for not having gone through the written submissions made to him with regard to attacks on Christian places.

He likens the president’s having inquired from the Papal representative about attacks on non-Catholic Christian places to ‘crucifying Jesus Christ by accepting Jewish priests’ accusations.’