Jun 20, 2017

I Will not allow the import of Glyphosate- Rathana Thera

Presidential Senior Advisor MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera addressing a media conference in Colombo yesterday, said he would do everything possible in his power to prevent attempts to import the banned pesticide, Glyphosate.

He said the Plantation Ministry is preparing a Cabinet paper for the import of Glyphosate specifically for the tea plantation sector.

The Thera expressed faith in the President and Prime Minister and said they would definitely not allow Glyphosate to be imported.

Attempt by fertiliser importers and powerful parties

According to Rathana Thera, it has been proved that cultivation can be done without the use of Glyphosate and added that certain fertiliser importers and powerful persons were behind this attempt to import the banned pesticide Glyphosate.

He added that there are only 40% of large scale tea estate owners while their contribution is a mere 25%. On the contrary, 60 % of tea estates are owned by small scale tea estate owners and the majority of the country's income is earned through them.

The Thera pointed out that if the large scale tea estate owners are unable to carry on their plantation activities in a proper manner, these estates should be brought under proper management and operations.