Jun 24, 2017

Web operation to oust Ravi? : Saman’s analysis (video)

The world’s best Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake was ousted because of an operation launched by a web team including Sri Lanka Mirror, claims Saman R. Silva (Rohitha).

This was revealed in his latest political analysis video programme “පොLITICS WITH සමන්”.

He had pointed out that Sri Lanka Mirror had initiated this plot to oust Karunanayake by discreetly commencing the operation which was then followed and spread by the rest of the web sites, fulfilling their intentions.

Saman R. Silva (Rohitha) is considered as the cleverest in the advertising field, renowned for his creative and catchy slogans for political campaigns.

What’s special about him is that he creates these slogans for all political campaigns irrespective of party politics.