Nov 06, 2016

Case against Lankan govt. over torture incident (video) Featured

International human rights group REDRESS is planning to file a case in a British court against the Sri Lankan government over the arrest and torture of a Tamil, reports.

The case relates to the police action against a political refugee in Britain, Renukareuban Velayuthapillai, in June this year when he had returned home for his wedding, says HR lawyer Kulasekaram Gitaratnam.

The latest incident of torture comes as UN committee against torture meets in Geneva next week.

Gitaratnam said the British foreign office will be accused of failure to mediate on behalf of its citizen.

Following mediation by lawyers and HR activists, Renukareuban managed to go back to London and British medical experts who examined him found that he had brain damage.

His sister Lalitharubi said he had suffered injuries to his head, face, upper body and right leg during torture by Kodikamam police.

Renukaruban 1Family fled to Varani

The Velayuthapillai family fled their hometown Palaly due to the war and settled in Varani in 1990.

Renukareuban, suspected to be a member of the LTTE, fled to Britain and obtained its citizenship in 2013.

Lalitharubi too, arrived in Britain after being arrested twice by the military.

International HR groups have raised Renukareuban’s matter with east governor Austin Fernando and Jaffna security forces commander Mahesh Senanayake.

Fernando had to admit he was in police custody after the British foreign office and Amnesty International were informed of the incident, said Lalitharubi.

He was also tortured at Jaffna prison while being questioned over LTTE connections and admitted to Jaffna Hospital on 07 June, according to a statement by his lawyer.

Renukareuban was remanded on 17 June over charges that could not be proven, and he was released with the mediation of lawyer Anthony Punidanayagam and arrived in Britain on 07 July.

When his case is taken up by the UN in Geneva, the government will be represented by attorney general Jayantha Jayasuriya, permanent representatives Rohan Perera and Ravinatha Aryasinha and other officials.