Jul 01, 2017

Why did President’s Secretary resign? New Secretary Austin! Featured

The Eastern Province Governor Austin Fernando is expected to be appointed as the new President’s Secretary, according to unofficial government sources.

Austin Fernando a highly experienced and versatile state administrative officer as served previously in the capacity of Defence Secretary, and is considered a close and trusted advisor to President Sirisena.

P.B. Abeykone who served as the President’s Secretary resigned yesterday (30) stating that it was a decision taken on personal grounds.

He had told media that he was resigning due to his poor health.

SAITM Issue?

However, according to political sources, during the GMOA strike and the discussion between the President and a few members of the GMOA, certain promises had been made to the GMOA by the President’s Secretary, which had led to his resignation.

These sources pointed out that in that instance, the President had sternly warned Abeykone, which is the closest incident that could have led to him handing over his resignation.

It is also learnt that a few months back the President had notified him to hand over his resignation.