Jul 01, 2017

Cause of SL cricketers’ poor fitness revealed! Featured

The reasons behind the poor fitness levels of the Sri Lankan Cricketers is due to the weakness of the Physiotherapists and Trainers, according to Sri Lanka Cricket inside sources.

It is believed that the reason for the poor physical fitness of the players was due to the trainers preparing their exercise routines according to the whims and fancy of the players.

In most instances it is said that the Physiotherapists and Trainers have been functioning according to the desires of the senior players in order to ensure their participation in foreign tours.

Previously, when former player Chaminda Vass was signed on as the team’s bowling coach, he had not received the cooperation of the bowlers in the team. Among those who had refused to cooperate with Vass is a senior player in the team.

Instead he had wanted to retain the team’s bowling coach who had been with the team for the past 16 years.

The reason that he had refused Vass was claiming that although he knew the tactics he lacked technique.

Meanwhile, former selector and member of the world cup winning team Promodya Wickremasinghe said, “Today most of them work according to the whims of the players.”