Jul 06, 2017

Saruwa Sunil rejects ‘raping of 100 virgins’ Featured

Former chairman of Akuressa Pradeshiya Sabha Saruwa Liyanage Sunil rejects the accusation against him that he threw a party to celebrate having raped 100 virgins.

He has told a weekend newspaper that what he had held was a political meeting there, and that participants were entertained with food and drinks.

Sunil asked if he would bring his wife and children to an occasion as claimed.

According to him, the accusation was aimed at eliminating him, and that he will reveal all after he was proved innocent.

His children had to face very serious inconveniences, he said.

Sunil went onto say that he had no complaints against him at Akuressa police, but that men from Matara police came, took him away saying a statement had to be recorded and then remanded him.

At the PS election, he polled 15,000 votes out of the 19,000 votes for his party for an 80 per cent mandate for himself.

He said he has not left politics, although he disliked doing politics.