Jul 11, 2017

Kiriella is accused of nepotism Featured

Subject minister Lakshman Kiriellla has allegedly given consultant postings in the highways ministry to four family members of his media secretary Rajitha Samarasuriya, reports say.

The appointees are Rajitha himself, his father Cyril, brother Savinda and sister Athma Madhuwanthi Peiris.

They have all given no. 106, Aruppolawatte, Kandy as their home address.

Each is a paid a monthly allowance of Rs. 65,000.

Daughter gets all highway contracts

Meanwhile, ‘Lanka’ newspaper reports Kiriella’s daughter secures all contracts of the highways ministry through a company owned by her.

Chami, also his private secretary, owns Kandy Construction Ltd., which obtains the contracts and distributes them to subcontractors.