Prerequisite to raise women’s representation Prerequisite to raise women’s representation
Jul 11, 2017

30 pc allotment for women nominees Featured

Provisions have been made to make a mandatory 30 per cent allotment in nomination papers for women’s representation at provincial council elections.

The relevant gazette to amend the provincial council elections ordinance no. 02 of 1988 was issued yesterday (10).

CaFFE welcomes the move as a first step towards raising women’s representation at PCs.

Don’t use as a tool to put off elections

The Elections Commission is due to issue a gazette on October 02 for elections for the eastern, north central and Sabaragamuwa provincial councils.

CaFFE says the government should not use the latest gazette as a means of putting off the PC polls, as it had been doing this long.

That will amount to a denial of the voting rights of the public, it adds.

The gazette notification:

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