Maithri Yugayak Thirasara Sanwardanayak
Jul 14, 2017

Why is the Education Ministry using rented vehicles?

Luxury vehicles have been rented for the use of the Education Ministry Secretary and several other senior officers, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Teachers Association, Joseph Stalin charged.

Accordingly, a sum of Rs. 425,000 is being spent monthly for the Ministry Secretary’s vehicle while another Rs. 190,000 is spent monthly on the other rented vehicles.

He pointed out that while official vehicles have been allocated for these officials, spending this colossal amount is a waste of public money, given the fact that the ministry has so far failed to fulfil the Principals’ allowance arrears, Teachers’ salary arrears, provide assistance for school children affected by the recent floods and many other commitments of the Education Ministry.

He further pointed out that the irresponsible actions of the Education Ministry, which should be an example to the others, should be stopped immediately.

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