Agreement to continue the government for the next three years Agreement to continue the government for the next three years
Jul 15, 2017

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The UNP and SLFP have come to an agreement to form a new party with members of the opposition, if a group of SLFP members decide to leave the Unity government.

A senior government spokesman said currently discussions are underway with the TNA, Sri Lanka Workers Congress and Joint Opposition members, with regard to the formation of the new party.

He said both the President and Prime Minister intends to fulfil the promises made to the people at the election and in order to honour that promise, the government has to continue for the next three years.

However, some members within the government are trying to sabotage the efforts of the government by threatening to leave the government and it is the view of the majority of the ruling government that in the event that happens, a new party has to be put together to continue for the next three years.

No need to panic:

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Decision taken as a party…
Several Ministers and MP’s have already threatened to leave the Unity Government.

When asked about this situation, SLFP General Secretary Duminda Dissanayake said he does not believe that one or some members would not take any decision that is contrary to the collective party decision.

He said since the consensus government agreement is in force until the end of this year, there is no need for panic at this point.

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