Jul 19, 2017

CCTV cameras to nab irregular garbage disposal Featured

The Cabinet has approved a proposal to amend the Public Security Ordinance for the inspection of abandoned houses and properties which are closed down or locked up in search of mosquito breeding sites and to take legal action against the owners following such detection.

The joint proposal was made by Faiszer Mustapha, Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government and Sagala Rathnayake, Minister of Law and Order and Southern Development.

faizer sagala
Cabinet approves joint proposal

They include the installation of CCTV Cameras on public places where waste is disposed irregularly.

Compulsory installation of name boards with details of the owners or constructor in all construction sites in Colombo and Suburbs will be another requirement.

Also, private cases will be filed against persons responsible in maintaining dengue breeding sites in schools, public institutions and other institutions.

Regulations will also be imposed to check houses and properties which are locked and to take legal action against them under the Public Security Ordinance.

Officers will be attached and facilities provided to an operating room to continue these task 24 hours of the day.