Jul 21, 2017

Student leader escapes ‘white van abduction attempt’ Featured

A group in a white van attempted to abduct a student leader who had been leaving after taking part in an anti-SAITM programme at the headquarters of the professionals associations, the JVP charges.

The gang in civics made the attempt against medical faculty students’ action committee convener Ryan Jayalath around 5.00 pm, said MP Bimal Ratnayake.

Jayalath ran back to the building and escaped with the mediation of JVP politburo member K.D. Lalkantha and others, he said.

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A protest against white van culture

When asked by BBC if it was the police who were involved, Ratnayake said they were in civilian clothing and had no court or any other document with them to make an arrest.

Police say no information

Attempts to contact police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekara failed, and when reached, an official of the police media unit said they had no information about such an abduction attempt.

Ratnayake said he had the video and audio footage of the incident.