Jul 21, 2017

36.1 pc of children suffer from malnutrition Featured

As many as 36.1 per cent of Sri Lanka’s children suffer from some form of acute malnutrition, according to health minister Rajitha Senaratne.

He said so in reply to a question raised in parliament on July 06 by Vasudeva Nanayakkara about the country’s malnutrition level in 2016, the hansard for the day says.

Senaratne said that was a figure that had jumped up from 26 pc.

Reports say 564,288 children suffer from malnutrition, and 243,066, or 15 pc, are in the more serious category who are underweight for their age.

In another category, 177,267 children, or 11.3 pc, are underweight for their height.

Also 143,955 children, or 9.2 pc, do not have a height for their age.