Jul 24, 2017

SF Lokka stabs Gune Kolla! Featured

Eron Ranasinghe alias SF Lokka, who is in remand custody over a charge of a hand grenade possession, has knifed a rival, identified as Gune Kolla, leaving him with serious cut injuries to a hand and the neck.

When inmates were being taken out at Anuradhapura prison in the morning of July 21, SF Lokka had taken out a hidden small blade and attacked Gune Kolla, an island re-convicted criminal.

Gune Kolla is being treated at the prison’s hospital, and 15 stitches had to be applied.

The prison is investigating how SF Lokka had come to possess a blade.

The reason for their rivalry is that Gune Kolla had supplied information to the police against a ganja racket by SF Lokka, who became known after the killing of karate champion Wasantha Soyza and the attack on his night club.

He had been in remand custody for some time, and given bail.

He was caught again by Anuradhapura headquarters police in the act of hijacking a car and for the possession of a hand grenade.