Jul 24, 2017

More arrests tomorrow over Rathupaswala shooting Featured

Three top military officers will be arrested tomorrow (25) in connection with the shooting of protestors of Rathupaswala in Gampaha who had demanded clean drinking water, Attorney General’s Department sources.

The AG has given permission for the arrests after considering the submissions made to him by the CID.

The court case relating to the incident will be taken up for hearing on July 26.

A criminal act

Rathupaswala protest
Shooting to disperse the protestors

The Gampaha magistrate’s court has already ruled the shooting that led to the death of three protestors was a criminal act.

The Army carried out the shooting on 01 August 2013 on a demonstration against the contamination of drinking water at Rathupaswala due to waste by a glove manufacturing plant.

Three Army officers are already in remand custody over the incident.

Won’t appear on behalf of for killers

Meanwhile, state defence minister Ruwan Wijewardena says there is no need at all to arrest war heroes.

Speaking to the media at Sirikotha yesterday, he said the government will appear on behalf of war heroes, but never for killers.

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